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Distributed in glocery vouchers





Disbursed for university scholarship to 7 high school graduates from the community



14 families pre-selected from Yauco and Guánico received a grant of $1,000 each. That was possible by a designated donation.

Southwest families affected by Earthquakes 2020





Emergency help


Programs  budgeted 2020

The Centro Presbiteriano de Servicios a la Comunidad (CEPRESCO), which translates to Presbyterian Community Service Center, was founded in 2001 with the mission and vision of the members of Caparra Terrace Presbyterian Church in San Juan, Puerto Rico. 

Our mission is to serve our community, and adjacent areas, providing access to food and clothing, and spaces for self-growth and development through workshops open for free to the community. 

Right after Hurricane María hit, CEPRESCO volunteers were able to distribute emergency meals, grocery vouchers and groceries, water and emergency supplies thank you to a variety of donors and supporters. 

Our goal is to continue serving our community by extending our service hours.

Our Programs



Provided every Tuesday on a first-come first-served basis and/or by referral from partner organization

Ropero de Jesús
(Collection clothing center) 

Second-hand apparel (clothing, shoes, and accessories) is available for free for the community

university scholarships

granted to High School Senior students

Workshops,  activities and other services

Self-development workshops and community events

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